Greenville Track Club Events


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TypeMiKmEventDateTimePlaceElev GnTurns% Road% Path
Road3.15.0Run Downtown 5K01/21/20179:00 amMain Street20061000
Road10.016.1Green Valley 10M02/11/20178:45 amFurman480209010
Road5.08.0Green Valley 8K02/11/20178:30 amFurman250129010
Road10.016.0Earth Day Run 10M04/01/20177:30 amGreer32526955
Road6.210.0Earth Day Run 10K04/01/20178:00 amGreer20026955
Road3.15.0Earth Day Run 5K04/01/20178:15 amGreer80161000
Road6.210.0Reedy River Run 10K04/22/20177:55 amMain Street37524955
Road3.15.0Reedy River Run 5K04/22/20177:20 amMain Street190178515
Trail7.512.0Paris Mtn Trails 12K05/27/20178:00 amParis Mtn State Park95020595
Road2.03.2Freedom Flyer 2M05/29/20178:30 amMain Street9561000
Track0.00.0All Comers Meet 106/06/20176:15 pmEastside HS0000
Road5.08.0Sunrise Run 8K06/10/20176:15 amSimpsonville175151000
Track0.00.0All Comers Meet 206/13/20176:15 pmEastside HS0000
Track0.00.0SC O&M Classic06/17/20177:00 amFurman0000
Track0.00.0All Comers Meet 306/20/20176:15 pmEastside HS0000
Road3.15.0Twilight 5K Race #106/22/20177:15pmCarolina Triathlon50106535
Track0.00.0All Comers Meet 406/27/20176:15 pmEastside HS0000
Road3.15.0Red, White & Blue Shoes 5K07/04/20178:00 amFurman120141000
Track0.00.0All Comers Meet 507/11/20176:15 pmFurman0000
Track0.00.0All Comers Meet 607/18/20176:15 pmFurman0000
Road3.15.0Twilight 5K Race #207/20/20177:15pmCarolina Triathlon50106535
Track0.00.0All Comers Meet 707/25/20176:15 pmFurman0000
Trail4.37.0Paris Mtn Trails 7K08/12/20178:00 amParis Mtn State Park50016595
Road3.15.0Twilight 5K Race #308/17/20177:15pmCarolina Triathlon50106535
Road13.121.1Run Town USA HM10/28/20178:00 amFluor Field675559010
Road6.210.0Downtown 10K10/28/20178:00 amFluor Field25534955
Road3.15.0Big Punkin 5K10/28/20178:15 amFluor Field25534955
Road26.242.2Swamp Rabbit Marathon10/29/20177:30 amFluor Field1000403070
Trail9.916.0Paris Mtn Trails 16K11/04/20178:00 amParis Mtn State Park125025595
Road12.420.0Road Warrior 20K11/18/20177:30 amFurman1600191000
Road6.210.0Mountain Goat 10K11/18/20177:30 amFurman650141000
Road3.15.0Flatlander 5K11/18/20178:00 amFurman120155050
Road3.15.0Santa Run 5K12/16/20179:00 amBon Secours Arena145127030

Table Notes: Distances shown to the nearest one tenth of a mile and one tenth of a kilometer. Actual race distances meet USATF measuring standards and are longer by a very slight amount. Elevation Gain is defined as the summation of all uphill segments on the course profile, roughly calculated using Google Map terrain models. Percent Road and Percent Path are approximate numbers and are meant to show the variation on the course.

The Greenville Track Club wishes to thank our race sponsors for their generous support.


The Greenville Track Club wishes to thank our race sponsors for their generous support.